All who enter and pass by receive a healing and a blessing.  All those who have stopped to take a photo of the Gran Pagoda have received through images the love and healing vibration created here.  Those who feel drawn to enter and stay awhile experience a serene and continuous bliss.

The Intention for The Property

Gorgeous and lush, set at the edge of primary rainforest.  This property was acquired in 2005 with the intention of creating a healing space for hosting and facilitating intimate retreats, events, workshops and mindful travelers. Since it’s inception there has been continuous and conscious meditation and healing work on the grounds to create and maintain a very specific and special vortex of healing energy that connects into the divine vibration of love. The Gran Pagoda Pavilion was created as a three story square home in the form of a divine sacred geometric pattern like the pyramids to aid in bringing the highest vibration of light to serve this property.  The Gran Pagoda purposefully has it’s corners in the cardinal directions.

The healing power of Nature

The wind is a prominent element here. One is encouraged to ask a question and listen for a reply. A private walking trail follows the stream of mountain water along the backside of the property and into the rainforest proper. This is a mindful walk of serenity and beauty. The wildlife is immense and inviting. Observe how your internal state can draw in and affect certain creatures.  Sometimes the different troops of monkeys will follow you in the treetops above. Depending on the season, there are different levels of negative ions that are generated from this stream. It is a healing and a gift to be so close to nature.

About Victoria

Victoria Hughes, co-owner of Pagoda Garden Villas being born in Thailand feels deeply rooted in Asian culture. The ancient style feels natural and is felt throughout the property.  The general philosophy of peace and harmony are embraced.  With a strong meditation and spiritual practice “it made sense to build our property as our sanctuary”.  As a nurse “my focus has always been on healing and empowering others to achieve a sense of personal balance in a kind and compassionate way”.  She has been working consciously with energy for more than thirty years and has been teaching workshops for fifteen years. You can find out more about Victoria here

Together with her husband Jason, who works wonders with the earth, they have created a luscious and reposeful healing garden sanctuary that will elevate every aspect of your being.

Element Reiki and Yoga: The foundation of the Healing Sanctuary

Within Pagoda Garden Villas, Victoria Hughes has created Element Reiki and Yoga