Gran Pagoda

This home is the inspiration for the name Pagoda Garden Villas.  Purposely built in temple fashion with its corners in the cardinal directions to enhance positive energy flow.  The elements are consciously represented here.  You can feel how the wind cools the heat. The earth and rain forest move with your eye across the infinity pool to the ocean.
The Asian influence is strongly harnessed here with high ceilings, furnishings, large windows, open air style.

The property and the Gran Pagoda at its inception was designed to be multi-functional, allowing for many options.  It can serve as a free standing private home or as a luxury jungle apartment on the top two floors with a guest lobby and restaurant area on the first floor at the pool and patio.  

Currently the home in its entirety is not available to rent as the owners currently reside in the levels above to manage the property, villas and retreats.  


Common Areas of the Gran Pagoda

Use of the Gran Pagoda Pool common area are carefully considered and must be reserved in advance. Chef/ Bartender and maid will be provided and included in the cost of events scheduled.

The first floor lobby area can serve as the gathering spot for visiting retreat groups and as an elegant dining area should you choose to hire a private chef.

The pool area at the Gran Pagoda is perfect for yoga and for a relaxing day reading or for gazing at the sunset after a long day of adventure touring.  A large flat screen TV for watching sports or movies while sharing cocktails with friends and family.  

Visited frequently by monkeys, the trees of the rain forest make a nice backdrop for the ocean view ahead.  Incredible sunsets year round.

Pool Area Amenities

  • Outdoor shower
  • Bathroom
  • Wifi
  • Large dining table
  • Patio furniture and lounge chairs
  • Large Flat screen TV
  • Refrigerator and Wet Bar (for use of the kitchen and BBQ a private chef will be provided at an additional charge).
  • Walking Trails
  • Concierge Service


The Guest Room of the Gran Pagoda

The Gran Pagoda has a luxury guest room on the first floor near the pool.  This room is available for those who have rented Casa Caribaea and/or Villas Licuala and need extra accommodation for a larger group. 

Guest Room Amenities

  • Sleeps up to 3 people. 
  • Queen bed and standard bed
  • AC
  • Fan
  • Adjacent bathroom
  • Wifi
  • TV
  • Nightly rate is $75