Designed along the lines of a Balinese village in the hills, Pagoda Garden Villas projects a theme of simplistic elegance.  The buildings use local stones and hardwoods blending seamlessly into the environment. The gardens are generously given center stage and provide a wonderful contrast against the sweeping ocean views that include both the Whale’s Tail and Cano Island. Spectacular sunset ocean views can be seen from every angle. 
Rooms are a sensuous combination of luxury and homespun charm. The latter comes in the form of antiques collected by the owners on their travels and the unique furniture created by local wood artisans. All bathrooms and kitchens are spacious and lined with white quartz. The radial ceiling beams supporting the cathedral design are made of Nispero, a local hard wood. The hand-crafted wood windows encourage guests to take advantage of the continuous breezes that whip through the property but all rooms also have air conditioning and fans. Flower arrangements are decoratively arranged throughout the living quarters showcasing the prized jewels of the garden.
Tropical abundance as a phrase does not do justice to the profusion and variety of plants here. Heliconias, gingers, bromeliads and palms are constantly attracting birds and butterflies. Many of the species will be unrecognizable to most as the owner has been meticulously collecting rare plants for several years. The garden boasts the largest collection of palms within the country at over 350 species and counting. There are also over 110 heliconia varieties on display. Several rare species endemic to Madagascar and New Caledonia are littered throughout the landscape. A series of limestone walkways, wooden bridges, pergolas and streams run through the property. Many of these meander through primary rainforest giving wildlife lovers more opportunities to gaze at toucans and howler monkeys.
There is a constant wind that passes through our valley. Not only does this unique wind ward off the insects but it also influences temperatures here as we are on average five degrees F cooler than average Uvita temperatures.
The property has primary forest that is teeming with wildlife and in order to maximize the chance of seeing everything we have built extensive non-slip limestone pathways throughout the primary rainforest on our property. The network of trails, while affording amazing photography opportunities, is also flanked by rare plants that you simply don't see at other homes in the area. All the palm species (most imported from seed) are grouped together within their respective genuses and labeled for those with a botanic penchant. Bromeliads, gingers and heliconias are also festooned along the trails giving guests a spectacular display of rare and colorful flowers amongst the backdrop of tropical fecundity.